Scorching Day on the Rocky Coast

I told you all about the $50 tip in my last blog post. That happened circa 1998. I think at the time I was only charging 60 bucks for a house call! Over the next few years that client became a regular for house calls.

On this one day it was particularly hot. Especially for Maine. If Maine hits the 90’s that is considered unbearable by most. Not me, it is never hot enough for me. Most of these big summer mansions I would visit did not have air conditioning. Looking back I believe the mercury hit 90 this day and even for me it was hot.

When I arrived at the clients house he met me at the door with a bottle of Evian in his hand. The bottle was sweating and it looked delicious. After I checked out this sweaty bottle of water he noticed and asked me if I needed some water. I told him yes and he told me he would bring some up to me.

I always set my table up in a room on the second floor. So let me set the scene. I carried my heavy massage table in the house and then up a huge flight of stairs to a room that was probably 90 degrees. But that was okay because I had a promise of a frosty cold bottle of Evian on the way. Or so I thought. I set up my table and as I was headed out to wash my hands when my client arrived with my water. It was a glass of tap with a couple of cubes! I wanted to scream “am I not worthy of the Evian?” Maybe not, but I Was worthy of answering his phone.

During the massage the phone rang and he asked me to answer it. He told me to tell whomever was on the line that he was getting a massage and to take a message. I did as I was told and after I hung up he asked who it was, I told him the man said his name was Cat??? I asked if I got the name correct and he said yes it was Kat Weinberger! I thought to myself who doesn’t take a call from Kat? I guess this guy.

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