Northeast Harbor Days

If you read my last blog, and I hope you did, I went back in time to the awesome job I had at a ski resort in Maine. Well, that was just my winter job. In the summer I served the wealthiest of the wealthy in Northeast Harbor Maine. For those of you not familiar with Maine’s Northeast Harbor, it is located on Mount Desert Isle, where Acadia National park is located.

During the winter of 1995 I massaged the man who was to become the new general manager of an old historic inn. He offered me an opportunity to work out some sort of arrangement to offer massage to the guests and to the public. In the spring I visited him at the inn and I worked out a sweet deal. I told him I was in for the long haul but it had to be worth my while. We negotiated a weekly salary and a small percentage for all the massages I would perform. In exchange while I was not in the massage room I would network in the town with the other inns, hotels, and businesses etc. in hopes of getting them to refer clients to us for massage services.

It worked out great. I got paid and I got plenty of work. I built up a clientèle that summer that allowed me to forgo the weekly salary and just work for a much larger percentage of the massage fee the following summer. I did not massage any big names in show biz I massaged the 3rd and 4th generation of people whose families came here to America over a hundred years ago with the wealth that funded our country. Paul Revere’s peeps!

Now I grew up blue collar middle class. We thought if your father was a doctor you had money. Doctors were bottom feeders in that town. I not only massaged at the inn but I did house calls. These houses were several million dollar homes that had been in these families for over a hundred years and sometimes more. I have so many humorous stories about those years I don’t even know where to start. But in the coming weeks my next several blogs will be about those good ole days.

Before we go I’ll tell just one of the many stories that are to come. It was every MT’s dream come true. It was the usual day at work, sunny, beautiful, and everyone at the inn is on vacation so everyone is happy. The front desk got a call from a local summer person who wanted me to make a house call, so I did. After the massage he paid me for the massage and then told me to hang on as he wanted to tip me. As he thumbed through his wad of cash (rich people always carry cash) he said “I can’t find a 20 so just take this” It was a 50 dollar bill. He didn’t even blink an eye. I said thanks and every time he needed a house call I was there! I had several funny moments with this particular person and in the weeks to come I’ll fill you all in.

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