Lasting Inspiration

In my last post I talked about the people who assisted me with becoming the best massage therapist I could be. I mentioned my friend and colleague Kimlyn. To this day I still dearly miss her. I was truly fortunate to work with such a talented body worker. A body worker whom which I only felt camaraderie and never competition. We bounced ideas off each other, discussed patients and the appropriate protocols and if either of us felt we were not serving the patient in the best way possible we would gladly pass that patient off to other.

We had always conducted ourselves in this fashion and were shocked to hear that other body workers did feel competition with each other within the confines of their practices. We found this out when we were on our way home from an AMTA New England conference, circa 1989.

We were giving another massage therapist from Cape Cod a ride home. She was extremely interested in our positions at the chiropractic office and was curious about how we worked it all out. We told her the treating doctor would decide which one of us to schedule their patient with. And explained to her many times after we evaluated the patient if we felt the patient would benefit from the type of bodywork that the other provided we would transfer the patient. The massage therapist riding with us said very matter of factly so how do you handle the competition between you two. We were taken aback by this question and told her there is no competition. She didn’t believe us.

Competition is the rivalry that leads to supremacy. This should never be a factor in bodywork. Kimlyn and I were solid in our ability to treat patients and reach the end goal. Neither of us were shy about consulting with the other on tough cases. And many times after treating a patient the best way I knew how with little to no results I would consult with her on additional ways to treat and she would gladly show me. The same went for her. She was not shy about asking my advice as well. I believe as bodyworkers we need that camaraderie so as you go through your day if you happen to have a client cross your table and you need advice please reach out to another body worker.

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