Exploring Opportunities!

In 1994 I moved out of state to a state where no one had any money for massage! If someone had told me my career as an MT working with chiropractors was over prior to my move from Cape Cod to Maine I would have laughed at them. But it was true.

I moved to a small coastal town with 700 residents. I searched high and low for a position like the one I had on the Cape but it did not exist. There were no MT’s at the chiro offices in Maine. I tried to carve out a position for myself by meeting with several chiro’s in the area but nothing materialized. I was forced to take a waitress job to make ends meet. I had always waitressed in the past here and there but thought that was behind me. Apparently not. Luckily I got a job at local seasonal restaurant. Since I had moved to Maine early July 1994 it turned out to be a great job.

Winter arrived, as luck would have it I got a job at a local ski resort. I say local…..it was two and half hours from my home. So I rented a place and traveled there for a few days per week. That job ran from December to April and it was a blast. I met all kinds of new fun peeps and I even learned to ski. The perks that go along with working a ski resort are huge or at least they used to be. I worked at that job for the next fourteen years. I would ski in the morning and massage in the afternoon. Prior to that position I never saw myself as a seasonal worker but suddenly I had become one by default. We used our massage rooms as our own personal lockers. At one point management got aggravated with us because we all had our ski equipment hiding in plain site for the massage guests to see. I told them the guests love to see our equipment, it shows them were committed to the mountain and to our job. They bought that excuse stopped haunting us to remove it all before the start of our shifts.

I think what I’m trying to get across in this blog is this; don’t ever turn your back on an opportunity. At first I was leery of traveling two and half hours to work but thought to myself how can I make this work. I’m glad I did. My daughter grew up skiing and hanging out on weekends in the health club where I Worked. The PTA mom’s would sign up for weeknd’s over the course of the winter and depending on which mom was coming to the mountain that weekend they would pick all kids up from school on Friday and head my way. I usually left early Friday morning so I could I get a few runs in before my shift. It was a great life!

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