Those Along the Way

I miss Kimlyn. After writing about her in my last post I started to think about all the peeps who helped me excel in my career through the years. The peeps who made it possible for me to be a great as I was. They consist of not only employers but patients. With that said I believe if you do not have a real passion for this work you will never excel. So what is passion? According to Webster’s it is a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity I think most of us would agree with that. So where does it come from. After doing some research the jury is still out. No one really knows.

According to, “Passion might develop over time from a genetic advantage that gives rise to a superior physical or intellectual skill, which moreover provides an individual with a consistent source of gratification. In turn, this sense of satisfaction reinforces the individual’s willingness to continue to develop his or her skill. The combination of compulsive practice and passion leads to mastery and exceptional achievement”

Genetics? How can that be? Both my parents were laborers. Mom worked in factories during the depression, eventually became a nurses aid and went on to become a medical secretary. This was all without any schooling. Back then the hospital trained you for the nurses aid position and as for the medical secretary position it was also on the job training. My dad was a truck driver. Neither of them had any tolerance for anything that included “feelings, compassion, caring, yada, yada, yada. So I guess I have to think about why I became a massage therapist. What was in my head when I went to that massage school open house. If memory serves me I think I thought it would be a cool job! I did not really spend a whole lot of time thinking it through. Luckily it all worked it!

How could you not love this career?

I love my job. that is what I told another a guest at a wedding I was attending. My cousin’s wife said you tell everyone that. I can’t believe you love your job as much as you say you do. But I did. It was my first job fresh out of massage school. I was working at a busy chiropractic office. I had a patient of the owner for a few years when he found out I was attending massage school. He hired me on the spot. Now this was real life on the job training. It was a busy office with 3 practicing doc’s and a 4th doc that was our exam doc. This doc was usually an intern. The doc’s would send me everything from whiplash to medial collateral ligament strains. It was a young office with oldest employee being one of the billing ladies who was in her mid 40’s. About 1 year into my employment John (the boss) hired a myotherapist. We both worked part time sharing the same space. We became fast friends and sheared soft tissue techniques. Myotherapy is the treatment of trigger points. Unlike massage the client keeps their clothes and the therapist works over the clothing. This one time Bonnie (that’s not her real name i have changed her name to protect her identity because once this post goes viral everyone will want a piece of her) was covering for me while I was on vacation. She treated one my patients who had low had back pain. She worked on a series of trigger points over the clothing. As the patient was leaving he asked why does Jane make me take my clothes off? Luckily Kimlyn knew enough about massage and explained to him we perform two different types of therapy to same the end. Kimlyn got the biggest kick out of telling me that upon my return. Fast forward Kimlyn ended up becoming a massage therapist!