Massage School Back in the Day

As I look back on the last 28 years I have had a blast practicing massage. I have met many interesting people and heard many interesting things. My goal is to regale you, the reader every week with a new story about my experiences.

Ok………so that’s it for the first week. KIDDING…………here goes.

Massage School Back in the Day

I thought it only fitting for blog #1 to go back to the beginning.

I attended a massage school in Boston that was located on the top floor of the local YMCA. The program ran from early winter through the summer of 1987. There was no air conditioning and we used peanut oil as our lubricant of choice. There we were, on the day we would practice our hands on, partnered up and all slathered with peanut oil.

Looking back it must of been of a frightening sight. I do know the room smelled like a rancid peanut farm, still, we persevered. Practicing our massage strokes over and over again. After that experience I swore I would never eat another peanut again. The best part was the ride home. After class we would get dressed, exit into the oppressive Boston summer heat, hop in our hot cars and drive home covered in the peanut oil. I’m not even sure my car had AC. The best part about school was that is was fun. And we got a great education. We learned swedish massage, A & P and I think we did some tai chi. Massage was in its infancy and if you dare take a job at health club you were deemed a club rubber. No one wanted to be a club rubber. Spa’s existed only for the wealthy but taking a job at a spa was a sell out as well. No, we were all slated for self employment!

We had zero business courses but what we did have was the understanding we were learning an ancient art form of bodywork that would help people and we were the instrument that would deliver the soft tissue manipulation. Several of us in that room had a gift. In fact I believe we probably all had a gift. Our teachers focus was on showing us how to tap into that gift allowing us to become really great massage therapist ‘s.